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~ Get Out While You Can ! ~
Wilderness weddings are often more memorable than imagined, more magical than dreamed. The grandeur of dramatic locations like the Grand Canyon provide a sense of wonder that cannot be described. Getting married 'out there' begins your lifetime adventure with the adventure of a lifetime!

~ Wilderness Ministry Teams ~
Depending on the trip requirements ~ A Mystical Ceremony ~ provides a 2 to 4 person Wilderness Ministry Team at the location of your choice to perform your custom ceremony, share in the day's festivities, and insure that your wilderness adventure wedding is as extraordinary as you had imagined.
All of our team members have extensive backcountry experience and often will be familiar with the area. For most suggested itineraries on these pages, we have found that 2 person teams have proven to be ideal.
Should you choose to add one of our photography packages to your day of service, the team would consist of the officiant and the photographer.

~ Weather ?........ When ?........ Where ? ~
Although our ministry is not a guide service, we are always happy to advise about preparation and planning for areas with which we are familiar so your adventure may be as relaxed and carefree as possible.

~ Camping, Cabins, & Concierges ~
For your convenience, we make all of our own reservations & arrangements ~ and allocate travel and service fees as necessary, depending upon scheduling constraints and any other factors that might present themselves.

~ Remote Location Services ~
For those who feel that carrying a 40 lb pack down a 10 mile 'aisle' doesn't quite fit into the category of "Romance", we gladly offer our remote location services. Remote location adventures generally require minimal backcountry experience, preparation, and equipment ~ but are often in outdoor & rugged wilderness settings and generally meet one or more of the following criteria:
~ area is not reachable via public transportation
~ destination is within one mile of an established trailhead or parking lot
~ place has minimal services or amenities such as public telephones or food
~ itinerary requires an overnight stay in facilities provided by a third party
~ access road is unpaved and/or remote
~ evacuation in case of an emergency would be prolonged or costly
~ planned activities involve an elevated risk of physical injury
~ location has limited or no cell-phone reception

Skiing trips, river rafting adventures, jeep tours, horseback rides, and other similar guided trips are generally regarded as requiring remote location services. International locations, for the most part, fall into this category.

~ Backwoods Savoir~Faire ~
Most couples engaging our services have backcountry experience and posess the equipment necessary to enjoy a safe and comfortable stay in the wilderness. Although many of our suggested adventures can be enjoyed without having had a great deal of prior trail experience, it is important for participants to be in fairly good physical condition, thoroughly informed about the area, and well equipped for self-sufficiency in the backcountry.

Not much could be worse than hobbling to one's wedding site because the previous day's approach hike was more than bargained for... except maybe finding the wedding cake mauled by a daring band of 'critters'.    :O

~ Places We Absolutely Love ~
Below are some of our favorite suggestions for remote and wilderness wedding adventures. Mileages given are approximate totals for the trip, day, or trail.
We welcome inquiries about these, as well as many other destinations.
Price quotes are available upon request.

We invite you to take a few moments to Dream...     Enjoy!

  GC ~ Havasupai            GC ~ Ribbon Falls        GC ~ Plateau Point 

 The Superstitions         Sedona Red Rocks                  Salome Jug      

Rock Climbing          Rocky Point~Mexico          You Name It! 

~ Wild!  or Tame ? ~
It's really up to you..... but the key factor in deciding whether and/or where to have a wilderness wedding is usually how many of your family and friends would be there to share the day. Walking a half mile up a moderate trail into a beautiful, seemingly remote setting could be just as magical when accompanied by all of your loved ones ~ as might be visiting a less accessible area with a few friends. Many couples find that an ideal compromise is to have their wedding in the place most meaningful to them, hire a videographer, and hold a reception for their friends and family at a later time, showing photos & video of the wedding day, and renewing their vows.

~ Understanding Risk ~
We have often noted that there are huge and complex disclaimers on other mountaineering and wilderness related pages about the activities in question involving risk. Any form of mountaineering is dangerous and has an unlimited number of potential risks. Possibilities range from 'breaking a nail' to sustaining severe physical injuries or, at worst, not coming back alive. Equipment can fail, weather can turn brutal, accidents can and do happen. Falling rocks, dehydration, heatstroke, hypothermia, and a myriad of other potential hazards can make for a not-so-nice ending to the trip report. Every wilderness environment has its own unique challenges and requirements.
We urge everyone to get well informed, be well prepared, and always put safety first! Solitary wilderness travel is emphatically discouraged.

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and may not be reproduced without permission.
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