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The Superstition Wilderness is located just east of the Phoenix area and many access points can be reached in about an hour's drive from the city. Dramatic wedding locations are varied and adventure possibilities are virtually limitless in this rugged, sprawling, 160,000 acre area of Tonto National Forest.
Some of our favorite destinations include:
Lost Dutchman State Park, Canyon Lake, Fish Creek Overlook
{minimal ~ 0-2 miles}
Freemont Saddle {moderate ~ 4.5 miles}
The Flatiron {intensive ~ 5+ miles ~ steep & rocky terrain}
Weaver's Needle and Boulder Canyon
{intensive ~ 10+ miles ~ overnight suggested}

The best times of year for visiting the Superstitions are winter months, October through April, when daytime temperatures range from 50s to 90s.
If planning a summer visit, please be advised that temperatures can remain well over 100 degrees so extended hiking is discouraged and even short routes can be exceptionally challenging in the extreme heat. Due to water scarcity, single day itineraries are preferable to extended backpacking trips.
We are happy to coordinate with couples to meet them at their preferred location if they plan an extended stay.

Most adventures here require little advance planning but for extended trips, considerable backcountry experience and thorough planning is advisable.
For more information, please visit the Gorp , the Tonto National Forest or the Lost Dutchman State Park websites.

View photos of weddings performed at Lost Dutchman State Park and Fish Creek Overlook

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For more photos, please visit our Album page.


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