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This wonderful route from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon begins with a 7.6 mile hike down the North Kaibab Trail to Cottonwood Campground. On the second day, a short hike off the main trail to Ribbon Falls provides an ideal and somewhat secluded wedding setting. Traveling further down the North Kaibab trail (8.5 miles) leads to Phantom Ranch, where there are both camping and dormitory facilities. Couples may opt to be married on the morning of the second day at Ribbon Falls or the morning of the third day in the Phantom Ranch area, prior to hiking up the Bright Angel Trail 4.6 miles to the Indian Garden Campground.
An alternate and lovely option is to hike from Indian Garden 1.5 miles to Plateau Point on the third day and have the wedding just prior to sunset, when the spectacular view is all the more breathtaking in late afternoon light.
A final 4.6 mile hike up the Bright Angel Trail completes this memorable, four day, rim to rim adventure. We recommend spending more time in the Grand Canyon if at all possible and are happy to coordinate with couples to meet them at their preferred location if they choose an extended itinerary.

This adventure requires a lengthy car shuttle from the South to the North Rim {or vice versa}. The best times of year for this trip are October and April, as the North Rim is closed for most of the colder months. Alternate itineraries accessing Ribbon Falls and Cottonwood Camp by approaching from the South Rim are possible later in the season and result in more time and hiking miles. In the summer, inner canyon temperatures can reach over 100 degrees so hiking is discouraged between the hours of 10am & 4pm.

These routes, like all others in Grand Canyon National Park, require a permit, advance reservations, and some planning. For more information, please visit the National Park website or the Grand Canyon website.

View photos of a wedding performed at Ribbon Falls

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