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Welcome to our table!
When we began planning this menu, we knew that it had to be truly glamorous ~ and we started thinking about all those wonderful, faraway places where the stars go to work, play, relax ~ and eat really fabulous food
We imagined what it might be like to experience sunrise while skiing in the Swiss alps; the sun peering over the ridgeline; the shadows vanishing before our eyes; the morning mist swirling upward through the trees. We dreamt of spending a warm, lazy afternoon in Vienna; strolling through the inner city, enveloped in the aroma of the coffeehouses and bakeries that line the streets there. We fantasized about sipping frou-frou cocktails while watching the sun set in Santorini; the sky ablaze; evening light softening the shimmer of the white houses; the ocean becoming a deep, sapphire blue. We mused about having a grand evening ‘out on the town’ in Paris; an opera – maybe a symphony; a lovely little cafe on the Champs-Elysees afterward; the lights of the city dancing on the Seine. We thought about what it would be like to explore Milan after midnight; the emptiness of the little side alleys; the warm glow of the streetlights; a corner bistro open late...
What would we eat there?.......

Our fantasy travels became our inspiration.
We hope you enjoy sharing our dreams!

The Dessert Divas, Beyond Elan Creations


Every once in a while, there is an event that we just have to cook for!    The above menu was offered for "A Night at the Oscars", this year's cabaret at Valley Unitarian Universalist. 'Beyond Elan', our culinary arts ministry, specializes mainly in developing wilderness wedding menus ~ and creating cakes and other desserts that will survive "20 miles or more in a backpack". Occasionally, our chefs donate their time and creativity for charity and other non-profit events like the one at VUU    Below are more photos, along with other fun and crazy desserts we've made over the years.








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